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Human Resource Management

ObviO EMS’ Human Resource Management features contain the  tools your HR managers have been looking for.  ObviO’s HR process begins even before someone becomes an employee.  ObviO’s Human Resources Module integrates into your companies website allowing your HR managers to post jobs directly from  ObviO EMS.  The candidates fill out the online application where the data is stored in ObviO EMS.

Your companies interviewer will then use ObviO EMS to keep track of all communication with the candidate. Once a decision has been made to hire the candidate, with a click of the button, the candidate becomes an employee.  No dual entry, no manually keeping track of paper applications and no bothering the IT  department for job postings.  Plus ObviO’s HR features will allow you to build a resume database allowing you to easily bring up past candidates as opportunities within your organization become available.

Other Human Resource features include:

  • Employee personal information capture including, Date of birth, SSN, EEO ethic category, veteran status, etc.
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Immigration Details (Passport & Visa Info)
  • Employee Work Experience database
  • Employee Education Details database
  • Employee Skills database
  • Job Opening Requirements
  • Hiring Manager Tracking
  • Applicant Tracking
  • On Line Interview tracking on applicant through the interview process
  • Attachments
  • On line training database
  • Affirmative Action Plan tracking and reporting
  • Seniority Date Tracking
  • Incumbent tracking for contract employees


The ObviO EMS Payroll module simplifies every aspect of your payroll process.  It increases accuracy, provides flexible payroll processing, generates payroll runs automatically, and provides a full range of detailed reports.

ObviO EMS Payroll handles earnings, deductions, sick and vacation accruals, W2’s, government reports, profit sharing and taxes.  All while doing it fast, cheaper, flexibly and more accurate than any external service.

Additional capabilities in the Payroll module include:

  • Multiple state payroll processing
  • Direct Deposit
  • Multiple locations, departments, and pay rates per employee in any pay period.
  • Multiple timesheet and payroll cycles
  • Seamless integration with every other ObviO EMS module to reduce dual entries
  • And much, much more.
  • 3.3 Time & Expense Capture
  • ObviO RealTime provides a web browser-based interface to handle your employee time and expense records.  On-site and remote workers, employees or consultants can use ObviO RealTime to file time sheets and expense reports online.  Your supervisors can review and approve both time sheets and expense reports online from anywhere.  Approval notification is automated so your company can shorten the time it takes to generate invoices from cost information.

ObviO RealTime’s time and expense module is fully integrated into ObviO EMS.   Costs entered by your workers appear on reports immediately in real time. There is no need for additional synchronization or posting routines. All of the hard- work has been performed for you.

ObviO RealTime can be integrated into other accounting applications for companies that have an immediate need for wide spread employee time entry.