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Powerful Project Cost Tools

ObviO EMS’ Project Management module will keep your project managers, accountants, and executives on the same page all of the time. Each of your projects can be defined flexibly with as many levels as required.  The Project Management module will allow all of your approved personnel to easily examine how resources are used for each project, department, or cost center and reassign to maximize productivity and profit.
ObviO EMS’s Project Management module will utilize your employees time/expense records and customer receipt information to create project invoicing, project bidding, budget control, project profit analysis, accounts receivable, and employee management.  Your management team will be able to retrieve instant cost accounting information from ObviO EMS’ Project Management modules automatic, real-time interface into ObviO EMS’ general ledger, accounts receivable, and payroll module.
The goal is to give your accounting staff, project managers, and senior management the most up-to-date cost accounting information without the hassle of additional postings or dual entry.

Other Project Management Module capabilities include:

  • Process Project, Task, Phase, and Sub-Phase category and cost type levels using user defined work breakdown structure levels (WBS).  Projects can be tracked by internal WBS and reported by customer-defined WBS simultaneously.
  • Report across project lines for specified phases, sub-phases, etc.
  • The ability to allocate and segregate direct costs from indirect costs
  • Contract modifications and/or change orders recorded, tracked and reported separately and on demand
  • Track contract information for multiple contracts per project
  • Web-browser based project management reporting and data retrieval with complete “drill down” and “drill to” capability
  • A multitude of report capabilities

Subcontractor Management

ObviO Subcontractor Management provides an answer to the challenges you face as you try to manage and oversee your subcontractors. The Subcontractor Management module swill minimize program impacts due to cost, schedule or technical performance.  ObviO Subcontractor Management begins with the subcontract execution and continues through performance management and closeout.  It provides tools to aid in subcontract management activities including methods and processes for subcontractor management, subcontract oversight, distribution of work, subcontract task order allocation, status reporting, invoicing procedures, and ongoing communications.  ObviO Subcontractor Management provides your employees with the ability to:
  • Execute subcontracts, and/ or task orders, to vendor subcontractors and assign contract line items to specific project numbers.
  • Track receipts against contract line items by either units (level of effort) or dollar value that is specified on the contract line item.
  • Allow for subcontractor personnel to enter ObviO time sheets that are approved through the normal course of business.
  • Enter subcontractor personnel ObviO Expense reports that are approved through the normal course of business.
  • Enter subcontractor time records directly from the AP voucher entry screen.
  • Link time records previously entered by Subcontractor personnel to A/P voucher line times during the AP voucher entry process.
  • Track consultant time records by both cost and billing values eliminating the need to estimate month end subcontractor accruals.
  • Bill subcontractor personnel in contract project labor categories on level of effort projects.
  • Enable Pay/When/Paid Payment terms on subcontractor A/P invoices.  Provide an automated mechanism of release for payment of Pay-When- Paid vouchers upon cash receipt of A/R that included subcontractor invoices.
  • Provide the ability for subcontractors to see the billing/payment status of their submitted invoices.

Fixed Asset Tracking

ObviO EMS’ Fixed Assets module helps your business track and report asset costs, depreciation, warranties, and disposal.  Your employees can enter and retrieve inventory data as well as maintenance and transfer records for your company owned assets and Government Furnished Equipment (GFE).
The Fixed Asset module is fully integated with the Accounts Payable, Purchasing and General Ledger.  We understand that there is not a standard form that can track every type of asset.  ObviO Software Inc. will contract with you to develop an asset tracking system that is fully integrated into the overall ObviO EMS package, but also meets your specific asset tracking needs.

Fixed Asset module features include:

  • Enables users to group assets by property type, location codes, or group codes.
  • DCAA-, FAR-, and CAS-compliant asset cost, depreciation, and disposal tracking.
  • Depreciation calculation for three different “books;” the depreciation book interacts with the G/L, calculation tax depreciation and/or evaluating effects of a proposed change. Depreciation methods can be calculated using three different methods for each asset.
  • Establishes records for GFE with the same detail as company owned equipment. Users can track data for inventory, maintenance records, and transfer records.
  • Records project depreciation for an unlimited number of years. Asset/GFE reports provide important information on inventory, maintenance, and transfers. Additionally, audit detail reports provide calculation and posting details.