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With the ObviO Budget & Forecasting Module users can combine past project with future planning data to proactively manage the outcome of their projects. It helps managers complete projects on time and on budget, while maintaining high levels of staff utilization. The result is improved project performance and a stronger bottom line.

ObviO Budget and Forecasting lets users maintain multi-year budgets and allows for multiple revisions. Project budgets are provided to enable the cost control of the overall project. Labor budgets assist in the management of labor performance and non-labor budgets help identify and control other direct cost expenditures. Manpower budgets add resource managements provide the basis for estimate-to-complete calculations.

Budget & Forecasting Module Cost control features include:

  • Budget, Actual, Estimate to Complete, Earned Value, and Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled by Labor, Subcontractor, and ODC’s.
  • Performance Measurement Baseline used for budget cost information and percentage complete calculation.
  • Physical percent complete by activity or resource assignment for earned value calculations.
  • Cost variances at the Project, Task, Phase, Sub-Phase, and Budget Category levels
  • Cost Breakdowns and summaries by transaction codes