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The ObviO EMS Fixed Assets module is designed to help businesses track and report asset cost, depreciation, warranties, and disposal. Users can enter and retrieve inventory data as well as maintenance and transfer records for both company owned assets and Government Furnished Equipment (GFE). This powerful application fully integrates with Accounts Payable, Purchasing and the General Ledger. Depreciation and disposal entries can be posted to the general ledger by means of the fixed asset journal.

Fixed Asset module features include:

  • Interfaces and fully integrates with Purchasing and Accounts Payable, eliminating duplicate entry.
  • Enables users to group assets by property type, location codes, or group codes.
  • DCAA-, FAR-, and CAS-compliant asset cost, depreciation, and disposal tracking.
  • Depreciation calculation for three different “books;” the depreciation book interacts with the G/L, calculation tax depreciation and/or evaluating effects of a proposed change. Depreciation methods can be calculated using three different methods for each asset.
  • Establishes records for GFE with the same detail as company owned equipment. Users can track data for inventory, maintenance records, and transfer records.
  • Records project depreciation for an unlimited number of years. Asset/GFE reports provide important information on inventory, maintenance, and transfers. Additionally, audit detail reports provide calculation and posting details.