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The ObviO EMS Payroll Module simplifies every aspect of the payroll process. It increases accuracy, provides flexible payroll processing, generates payroll runs automatically, and provides a full range of detailed reports.

The Payroll module captures all time-related data entered in ObviO EMS and uses it to prepare paychecks and government reports. Payroll allows multiple distribution of payroll expenses, handles salaried (exempt and non-exempt) and hourly employees, and provides each employee with a payroll check stub which presents a full accounting of their earnings and deductions for the pay period and year-to-date.

ObviO EMS Payroll handles earnings, deductions, sick and vacation accruals, W2’s, raises, terminations, government reporting, profit sharing, and taxes better, faster, cheaper, more accurately, and more flexibly than any external service bureau.

The following list shows a few of the additional capabilities in the Payroll module:

  • Multiple state payroll processing. Federal and state tax tables are routinely updated by OSI.
  • Default automatic tracking of the taxing entities at the Federal, FICA, State, Local 1, Local 2, FUTA, SUTA, and SDI levels.
  • Direct deposit capabilities follow the NACHA standards for production of direct transmission of deposit data in ASCII or EBCDIC format.
  • Unlimited user-defined earnings and deduction codes.
  • Timecard processing Automatic, manual, and piece-rate timecard processing.
  • Multiple locations, departments, and pay rates per employee in any pay period.
  • Multiple timesheet and payroll cycles, off cycle checks and posting availability.
  • Code files are user-defined location, department, pay cycle, pay type, pay class, EEO, earnings deductions, programs, funding codes and labor categories. Very simple to maintain and complete with “one-touch” selection menu for file listings (display or print).
  • Gross-to-net registers (open or history timecards), check registers, check reconciliation registers, employee analysis, and support files (all the above named code files) analysis, may be obtained for any range of pay period dates, locations, companies and employee ID’s and names.
  • W2, FUTA/SUTA, 941, 125 program and 401k reporting is supplied, with selection criteria by pay period ranges (quarterly and year-to-date, if applicable), and by location and company.
  • ObviO EMS Payroll, integrated with the other ObviO EMS modules, provides smooth and accurate information flows throughout the enterprise management system.