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ObviO EMS’s Project Management module establishes the standard of performance and flexibility. Projects can be defined flexibly with as many levels as required. ObviO EMS Project Management allows users to easily examine how resources are used for each project, department, or cost center, and reassign accordingly to maximize productivity. Project Management uses employee time records, project expenses, and customers receipt information for project invoicing, project bidding, management and budget control, project profit analysis, employee evaluation and management, and accounts receivable. Budget variances and commitments can be tracked at multiple levels with the ability to provide project status reports at your fingertips. The automatic, real time interface to ObviO EMS’s General Ledger, Purchasing/Receiving, Accounts payable and Payroll modules, coupled with the on-screen reporting and analysis capabilities provide the Project Management module with the capability to give management instant cost accounting information.

Project management features include:

  • Provides a logical and consistent automated method for the allocation of indirect costs to intermediate and final cost objectives.
  • Federal Government contract value and funding tracking with the ability to track targeted funding limits down to the sub-phase level.
  • The ability to systematically segregate direct costs from indirect costs per FAR Part 31.202.
  • Capability to process Project, Task, Phase, and Sub-Phase category and cost type levels using user defined work breakdown structure (WBS) levels. Projects can be tracked by internal WBS and reported by customer- defined WBS simultaneously.
  • Establishes records for GFE with the same detail as company owned equipment. Users can track data for inventory, maintenance records, and transfer records.
  • Records project depreciation for an unlimited number of years. Asset/GFE reports provide important information on inventory, maintenance, and transfers. Additionally, audit detail reports provide calculation and posting details.
  • Reporting at any of the above levels on a summary, sub-total, or detail audit trail basis.
  • Report across project lines for specified phases, sub-phases, etc.
  • Automatic interface from the rest of the entire ObviO EMS family. As transactions are posted throughout ObviO EMS, they automatically accumulate at the appropriate job level, immediately ready for processing and reporting.
  • Cost tracking with costs loaded at billing rates, targeted indirect rates, provisional indirect rates, and/or actual indirect rates. Costs are loaded at the detail and summary record levels.
  • Reporting period, year-to-date, and job inception-to-date reporting.
  • Allocation of indirect/overhead costs according to user-defined parameters, with automatic account distribution to the General Ledger.
  • Ability to post directly to a given Job or between selected Jobs for budget and cost transfers, with selective update to the General Ledger.
  • Contract modifications and/or change orders recorded, tracked and reported separately and on demand.
  • The built-in ObviO EMS Report Generator allows users to produce free- form Job Cost reports with up to 15 columns of financial, budget, variance, and percentage data including job-to-date, year-to-date, and reporting period (for any defined reporting period), commitments, expenses, modifications, change orders and revisions.
  • Browser-based project management reporting and data retrieval with complete “drill down” and “drill to” capability.
  • Summary and detail reporting – Vendor, Project, and customer and percentage complete over any given period of time provides timely cost analysis by vendor and project; this feature is very useful for preparing draw requests.
  • Track contract information for multiple contracts per project. Stores contract information of all DCAA “ICE” standard reporting data elements and produces all DCAA incurred cost standard reports based on the DCAA “ICE” model.
  • Uses employee time record, project expenses, and customers receipt information for project invoicing, project bidding, management and budget control, project profit analysis, employee evaluation and management, and accounts receivable.
  • Documentation, Tracking, and Reporting of Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) and Contractor Acquired Property (CAP). The ObviO EMS Project Management module enables everyone in the organization to access the information critical to their projects without any help from the IT department. With enhanced functionality and easy to use interface, web-based access through ObviO RealTime, and out-of-the-box features, ObviO EMS helps users more effectively many every aspect of the project-focused business.