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Customer Care Support Services

Customer care support representatives strive to provide one-call issue resolution. ObviO EMS Customer Care will troubleshoot issues, requests, and complaints suitable for standard customer support as soon as possible.

Our support team consists of industry-experienced professionals who understand the needs of project-oriented businesses of all sizes.  They ensure our customers’ success by immediately resolving critical issues that include:

  • Basic product application questions and technical support for all ObviO EMS modules
  • Resolving application system messages
  • Helping resolve network, environment, and hardware related issues that affect the performance of ObviO EMS.

The Customer Care Help Desk provides a single point of contact for the customers’ POC to resolve problems, report incidents, and obtain assistance in support of the services provided within the ObviO maintenance agreement. Customer care can be accessed via a toll free number, e-mail, or Web-based portal from the ObviO EMS Software Website. Our four-tiered approach to problem resolution has been designed to ensure that customers get the proper level of expertise required to properly address the issue at hand.

Level 1 Support

  • Application Functionality Questions
  • Routine Administrative Tasks

Level 2 Support

  • Identify source of reported problem and attempt to resolve the problem
  • Determine the appropriate priority of the reported problem based on the impact to the customer

Level 3 Support

  • Address application-specific issues, as well as issues that require extended trouble shooting time, system administration, or specific expertise

Level 4 Support

  • Address customer specific issues that require additional expertise or a time commitment unavailable to
    level 3
  • Resolve critical issues that would result in the accrual of customer downtime