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Customer Care Training Services

The ability of employees to readily adapt to the new processes is critical to the success of a new enterprise software deployment   Training is the foundation that provides the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure success. ObviO’s training provides the key training requirements for the each end user’s functional role.

The functional roles include:

  • Implementation Team
  • System Administrators
  • Back Office Users
  • Managers & Supervisors
  • Employees

Training can be provided in a number of different ways that are specific to the audience.  The methods include, One-On-One Training, Classroom Training at the Customer Location, Classroom Training in an ObviO Classroom, and On-Line Training.

After you complete initial training, you can:

  • Schedule on-site instruction to maximize learning speed and minimize staff travel costs and time away from work.
  • Let users learn at their own pace with modular online instructions; this option also helps you orient new employees during periods of growth in your organization.